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Summary: We launched specialist CRM and billing software company Gentrack to the UK market with a campaign of thought leadership content, supported with media relations and digital advertising.

The campaign secured high value leads and led directly to the acquisition of a major new customer in the UK water sector.

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Pelican was appointed by Gentrack, a New Zealand-based developer of specialist CRM and billing software for energy utilities, water companies and airports, to launch Gentrack to UK industry leaders.

The Pelican approach

To introduce Gentrack to the UK, Pelican organised an event at New Zealand House in London, attended by dignitaries, trade press and representatives from utility companies.

Pelican then created a comprehensive media relations, content and social media campaign to illustrate how Gentrack had helped utility companies in New Zealand manage and adapt to privatisation. This would showcase the business’s expertise and innovative software solutions and position the company as a thought leader.

A comprehensive series of whitepapers, thought leadership and industry guides were produced by Pelican, exploring the key challenges which privatisation presented and providing guidance for UK companies, based on the lessons learned in countries where the target sectors had already been privatised.

Social media platforms were used to distribute this content initially, promoted content on LinkedIn, which enabled Pelican to target key individuals in the industry. Gated content campaigns also enabled Gentrack to capture useful data and act upon audience engagement.

In addition, a series of case studies was created as part of the content campaign, detailing specific solutions and the benefits these solutions offered UK businesses, showcasing Gentrack’s expertise and positioning it as an authoritative voice in the UK market.

The media relations campaign, which included editorial comment and opinion on market trends and issues, was delivered simultaneously.

The results

The content campaign secured high value leads and led directly to the acquisition of a major new customer in the UK water sector while the media relations campaign raised Gentrack’s profile across industry, with coverage secured in all key target media.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Thanks for your support over the years. It is fair to say that the business has transformed itself in the UK and your partnership has been a great support in achieving this.” – Aaron Baker, Marketing and Communications Director, Gentrack – Essential Software for Utilities and Airports

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