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Summary: By creating a stylish report and impressive launch event we got regional sustainability initiative CO2Sense Yorkshire off to a flying start.

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Regional sustainability initiative CO2Sense Yorkshire was established to act as a one-stop-shop for Yorkshire and Humber businesses helping them to reduce their carbon emissions. Pelican was briefed to engage the Yorkshire and Humber business community to begin the journey to a low carbon economy.

The challenge

Yorkshire was the highest carbon-emitting region in the country, due in part to its history of heavy industry and power plants. This has also brought technology and economic innovation, which CO2Sense Yorkshire aimed to use to reduce emissions and make the most of the economic opportunities brought about by a new ‘low carbon economy’.

Despite high emission levels, awareness of the issue and the help available to address it was low amongst the region’s businesses. It was vital to ensure Yorkshire & Humber’s business community understood their role in achieving a low carbon economy.

The Pelican approach

To communicate the vision and mission of CO2Sense Yorkshire we created a stylish 12-page report. Printed on recycled paper and with environmentally-friendly ink, the report explained the issues such as carbon capture and storage, sourcing and using low carbon energy, improving resource efficiency and managing carbon emissions. It also detailed the support available from CO2Sense Yorkshire to help companies cut carbon emissions, comply with legislation and save money while making the most of the business opportunities created by the region’s carbon reduction commitments.

The report was launched at a special event organised by the Pelican team, for more than 200 business leaders from the region gathered at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

The result

The success of the launch event was followed with copies of the report being sent to senior managers in over 500 of the region’s leading businesses.

The report and the launch event prompted, Rosie Winterton MP, Minister for Yorkshire and The Humber to comment: “CO2Sense will provide an invaluable resource for businesses across our region looking to reduce the threats from climate change and make the most of the opportunities brought by the transition to a low carbon world.”

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