Putting wine #InTheCan

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To demonstrate that you can buy great quality wine in an aluminium can, we brought together 10 influencers with more than a quarter of a million combined Instagram followers for a tasting event hosted by celebrity wine critic, Helen McGinn. The results left them raising a glass to canned wine.

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We’ve been working with Can Makers, the trade body representing drinks can manufacturers in the UK for several years. During that time there’s been a massive growth in top wineries choosing to can their wine.

It’s a move that’s been welcomed by consumers who now see cans as the best format whatever their tipple. In fact market research we commissioned for Can Makers showed 63% of consumers had tried a new drink in a can, in 2022.

The challenge

Despite the growing popularity of canned wine, there was still a perception that wine in a can is inferior to the bottled alternative, so we set out to dispel the myths surrounding wine in cans. What’s more, Can Makers also wanted us to demonstrate that the aluminium beverage can is an environmentally friendly and convenient packaging material when compared to traditional wine packaging formats.

The Pelican approach

Having identified a selection of the world’s best canned wines, we invited 10 prominent “mumfluencers” and wine influencers to a tasting at an exclusive event in London hosted by wine critic and television personality Helen McGinn.

The engaging format combined with Helen’s knowledge and the superb wines successfully flipped our influencers’ preconceptions of canned wine on their head. And our influencers were quickly sharing their views in real time to their 250,000 plus followers on Instagram.

The Pelican team captured the event on camera and interviewed participants during the tasting to produce a high-quality video that showcased the event and captured the reaction of influencers to the wine and their positive opinions of aluminium beverage cans. The resulting video provided rich content for the Can Makers’ website and social media channels, in addition to the content shared by our influencers. 

The results

By directly engaging high profile influencers and their social media reach, we successfully challenged the negative perception of wine in cans.

Our influencers’ content achieved almost 20k impressions and just under 1,000 interactions. The combined Instagram post engagement rate of 4.89% shows very strong engagement and demonstrated interest of wine in cans among consumers. In addition, posts on the Can Makers Twitter and LinkedIn profiles received engagement rates of 8.6% and 6.8% respectively, showing very strong engagement with the event by industry professionals.

Don’t just take our word for it

“My opinion of canned wine has completely changed. I think now I would definitely be looking to purchase wine in can form, and I was very impressed with how everything we tasted today, tasted exactly as I would expect if it would have come from a bottle.” – Event attendee, Adam Shaw (@at_dads_table)

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