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We delivered a content creation and social media campaign that highlighted the expertise of Europe’s leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer on a range of issues vital to foodservice and hospitality operators.

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Foster is Europe’s leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer, priding itself on both the products it supplies and the level of customer service it provides.

They asked us to help make better use of a series of existing white papers. Recognising the potential for creating a superb content marketing campaign, we rewrote and redesigned them, specifically for Foster’s target market and created a suite of supporting content.

Designed to position Foster as an expert thought leader in the commercial refrigeration sector, the white papers examined a range of topics relevant to the target audience, including food temperature legislation and safe food handling.

Although the original white papers contained rich content, the format was text heavy with lots of technical information. The challenge for Pelican was to make this information accessible and engaging without compromising the technical detail.

The Pelican approach

We carefully reviewed the existing documents which covered ‘HACCP’, ‘Inspection by an EHP’, ‘Handling and Serving Ice’ and ‘Food Temperature Laws’. As experts in the food supply chain, and already familiar with these topics, our team used its knowledge and copywriting expertise to edit the content, making it as concise as possible without losing any of the vital details.

This updated content was then handed to the Pelican design team who added fresh imagery and created a more reader-friendly layout. The finished documents had a fresher look and the information was easier for the reader to absorb.

Our design team also created a 30 second teaser video to accompany each white paper that could be shared on social media with a strong call to action to visit the Foster website and download the document.


Simultaneously, Pelican writers were busy putting together a blog series for each white paper. These needed to be not only informative, but highly engaging. So, we created a combination of articles and interactive quizzes, designed to test the readers’ knowledge of food safety legislation. This multi-channel approach to sharing the content ensured that the audience could access the information in a way that best suited them.

The result

This supporting content was made available on the Foster website alongside the refreshed white papers, while the teaser videos were shared across social media. All have helped to position Foster as thought leaders and experts in their field.

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