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Our design team created eye-catching sleeves and on-shelf packaging for limited-edition flavours of Grabits, the ultimate chicken low-fat, naturally healthy, on-the-go snack.

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Grabits chicken sticks are a low-fat, naturally healthy on-the-go hand-held snack. The core range consists of three flavours: Original, Nice and Spicy and Chinese Chicken. When Grabits decided to launch two limited edition options: Vindaloo and Habanero Mango, we were briefed to develop new packaging designs.

The Pelican approach

The designs were inspired by the Mexican and Indian heritage of the two new flavours. Working with the idea of creating patterns to highlight both the cultural influence as well as the limited-edition nature of the flavours, we developed two unique designs.

The pattern for the Vindaloo pack was inspired by Indian woodblock prints and henna tattoo designs. Similarly, the Habanero Mango variety was sparked by textile patterns found on traditional Aztec blankets.

The project began with a product photoshoot overseen by the Pelican design team. We worked closely with food stylists and photographers to maximise the visual appeal of the unpackaged chicken sticks. These photos were later used on promotional material as well as the product packaging itself.

After creating the packaging for the individual product sleeves and the on-shelf multi-pack box, we supported the product launch by creating promotional assets using the new limited-edition patterns. These assets included images for social media, the Grabits website, and print advertisements. See our Grabits PR and social campaign case study.

The results

The patterns proved highly successful giving the flavours a cohesive identity that fits well with the rest of the Grabits range, while successfully setting them apart as special products.

Vicken Boniekerian, of Grabits brand and communication team said: “We are very happy with the packaging design you guys have created for us, thank you.”

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Grabits Open Box Of Chicken On A Stick Habanero Mango FlavourGrabits Chicken On A Stick Habanero Mango FlavourGrabits Closed Box Of Chicken On A Stick Habanero Mango FlavourGrabits Open Box Of Chicken On A Stick Vindaloo Flavour