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Summary: Developing and delivering a training programme that helped a number of AWM staff make the transition from ‘shop floor’ to management roles.

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Associated Waste Management (AWM) is Yorkshire’s leading provider of waste management and commercial recycling solutions. Its services include trade waste disposal, skip hire and waste to energy.

AWM approached Pelican to design and deliver a series of training modules to address management issues such as communication styles, delegation, handling conflict and engagement.

The challenge

AWM had expanded rapidly over a period of 10 years but little had been done in terms of management development. A number of staff members were struggling with their transition into management roles and coaching was needed in a number of areas.

The Pelican approach

Pelican recommended a series of four tailored training modules to address the following areas: understanding communication styles and impact, coaching and delegation, managing performance and handling conflict, diversity and engagement and building positive relationships in the workplace.

Initially working with a specific team of managers, the modules were designed to help them become more effective in their roles and increase their confidence in managing performance.

The first module was entitled ‘My Role as Manager’ and focused on the management of staff using models such as Action Centred Leadership and case studies of managing particular situations. Job responsibilities and KPIs were also reviewed

Module two focussed on effective communication; handling difficult conversations using techniques such as Transactional Analysis and NLP as well as the Thomas Kilman conflict handling model. Real life situations were discussed and resolutions found.

The third module, ‘Building the Team’, concentrated on understanding behaviours when operating in a team using models such as Belbin Team Types, motivation theories and NLP techniques.

The final module delivered was ‘Driving Performance’, where attendees were trained in appraising performance, providing feedback and using delegation and coaching to improve workplace performance and motivation.

The results

Modules were very well received, with delegates finding all aspects of the content and delivery either excellent or good. AWM continue to draw on Pelican’s expertise in team development and we continue to work with them as the business evolves.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Very well presented, all relatable and feel I can use the skills gained in my management.” Ben Orchard, collections manager

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