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Summary: When Spanish multi-national citizen service group FCC decided to combine its two UK operations, Pelican helped create a shared culture as a core element of a company-wide rebrand.

The campaign saw staff understanding of the company’s vision and future direction jump by almost 30%.

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FCC Environment is one of the UK’s leading waste and resource management companies. The company became FCC Environment when Focsa Services (UK) and Waste Recycling Group (WRG) came together under a new brand.

Despite the official merger of the two businesses, research revealed that only 58% of employees understood the company’s vision and direction. As part of the rebranding process, Pelican developed a series of new values and rolled-out a comprehensive internal communications plan.

The challenge

Partial amalgamation of WRG and Focsa into one business unit meant that the group’s employees did not understand which company they worked for. Pelican was tasked with helping to develop visions and values for the new organisation to fit with employee perceptions and use a variety of tools to communicate with all staff.

The Pelican approach

Pelican organised a series of development workshops for a full cross section of employees. The sessions confirmed confusion about the identity of the company, and looked at what employees believed its vision and values should be. A representative from each group then attended a session to finalise the company vision and values applicable across the business.

The values were central to the development of new FCC Environment branding, and with the new identity for FCC Environment in place, it was agreed that all company branding – from signage to staff uniforms – should be implemented quickly to immerse employees in the brand from day one.

In terms of internal communications, staff at every site were welcomed to the new brand with a special pack on the day of the launch. It included information about the new vision, values and reason for the rebrand.

A new Chevron newsletter was produced in response to research showing that 99% of employees would value an internal newsletter. The bi-monthly magazine is delivered to every FCC Environment site and includes interviews with the senior team. Staff are actively encouraged to submit stories for Chevron. The tone of the magazine has been designed to appeal to those in the organisation who are less likely to have IT access.

Additional communications sent to staff at home plus a weekly ‘Getting to the Point’ e-newsletter have further strengthened internal communications.

The result

The post rebrand engagement survey asked if the four new values are right for the business, 93% of employees either agreed or strongly agreed that they were, and 74% understood the organisation’s aims and objectives.

‘Getting to the Point’ emails are sent to more than 1,000 employees most weeks. These have an average open rate of almost 70%.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Previous surveys of staff, while flawed, had shown some issues with employee engagement. Bringing together WRG and Focsa services into FCC Environment was an opportunity to reinvigorate our internal communications programme.

“Early results from our engagement research and from individual tools used show a significant improvement in our first year, something I expect to see further improve as our internal communications programme matures,” Louise Culpin, Internal Communications Manager, FCC Environment.

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